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Turtles are often found on Texas beaches because they are nesting, injured, or sick. In our area, they do not typically come on shore to sunbathe.

What to do if you have found an injured turtle:

For nesting turtles call (866) TURTLE-5

For injured, sick, or otherwise call (866) TURTLE-5, (361) 749-6763, or (361) 442-7638


It can be difficult to determine when a bird needs assistance. Look for signs of wounds or entanglements. Can it stand or fly? 

What to do if you have found an injured bird:

Call the Texas Sealife Center at (361) 589-4023

other wildlife

Sometimes other wildlife needs our help. This includes snakes, opossums, rabbits, and marine animals.

What to do if you have found other injured wildlife:

Snakes, tortoises, red-eared sliders: Call the Texas Sealife Center at (361) 589-4023

Opossums, squirrels, rabbits: Call UtMSI-ARK at (361) 749-6793

Dolphins or whales: Call TX Marine Mammal Stranding Network at (800) 962-6625

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