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Some ventures start in an office. The inspiration to create Vida Caña came to us during a surf session. “Board meetings,” we called them, days filled with surf, siestas, and sea turtles. More than anything, the laid-back getaways forced us to step out of our hectic corporate lives and slow down.

Just like the rums we drank. In addition to the taste, we loved everything the rum embodied – the communal spirit and festive vibe, the ties to beach and island cultures, the instant smiles. We wanted to bottle those feelings and spread them around.

So we decided to create our own line of rums, the rums we preferred to drink, from light blends for mixing to darker, aged rums for sipping.

Inspired by the leisurely way of life in rum regions, we called the new brand Vida Caña. Cane life. A more relaxed way of living.

Perfect… except for one small problem. We knew nothing about making rum.

We spent the coming years learning from experts who did, attending Rum University, traveling to the world’s top rum producing regions throughout Central America and the Caribbean, South America, and the U.S. We experimented with dozens of blends from hundreds of sample, constantly formulating and reformulating blends on a mission to craft the perfect rum for every occasion.

Our rums improved each year to the point where we won a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition… only to lose our distilling partner and the product shortly thereafter. Instead of giving up, we created an even better rum, then won a gold medal the next year!

The result today is our full line of Vida Caña rums, hand sourced from some of our favorite rum locations around the world.

Vida Caña – Spirit of Slow

we've gone custom!

Thank you to our loyal customers and friends for the concern over the missing Vida Caña on store shelves. The out-of-stocks are due to an industry wide bottle shortage, still lingering from COVID supply-chain issues.

The great news is… we do have plenty of rum! And, this has opened up an opportunity for us to design our own custom glass mold and packaging. The new and improved bottles are in production and expected to arrive in October. We will immediately go to work getting the store shelves filled. 

There’s more to come, and more rum to drink! Thank you for all of your support.