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Vida Caña is on a mission far more important than sipping up and slowing down. The drive behind our everyday mission and purpose, comes from the very beginning.

Our journey started on the beach and in the water, so naturally our for-purpose mission is to give back to the places, people, and animals that provide the greatest experiences life has to offer. The sea turtles pointed us to our signature turtle logo that is the true slogan of our brand: Spirit of Slow. It was clear that we needed to be part of the support for the wildlife that surrounds us.
For every bottle of Vida Caña sold, we donate $1 to local nonprofit organizations that support environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation. Participating restaurants also help drive donations to the organizations from Vida Caña drinks purchased by their customers.

Our current benefitting local nonprofits are:

--- Texas Sealife Center

Dedicated to the rescue rehabilitation and release of coastal and aquatic wildlife, formed due to a recognized need for additional wildlife support in South Texas.

--- ARK (Amos Rehabilitation Keep)

Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured birds, sea turtles, terrestrial turtles, and tortoises found along the South Texas coast and to return them to their native habitat.

--- Sea Turtle, Inc.

Dedicated to rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles, educating the public, and conserving all marine turtle species in the southernmost tip of Texas- South Padre Island.

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